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Step Ahead Wellness Center

Step Ahead Wellness Center

49 US Highway 202

Far Hills, NJ 07931

Tel: (908)-470-2235

Hours: By Appointment Only!


Created by Dr. Neiman, Step Ahead Wellness Center is a medically supervised weight loss program designed especially for long-term weight loss. It’s a safe and supportive program that combines the best in exercise and nutrition under the supervision of a caring and knowledgeable physician.

How it works:

A highly individualized, 5-pronged approach:

  • A professional, medically supervised plan that takes into account your medical needs, individual metabolic rate, and appropriate caloric plans for eating and exercising.

  • A nutritional program tailored to your lifestyle and needs

  • The nationally recognized 10,000 Steps exercise program

  • A nationally recognized, professional staff dedicated to working with you, one on one, to meet your weight loss goal.

  • Prescription appetite suppressants and nutrition supplements

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